Our history

TM Charіvnitsya - a quality and tasty confectionery products that are made on the modern equipment of Italian and Czech producers. To date, TM Charіvnitsya produced assortment in two categories: a creamy pastry (cakes) and flour (cookies and cakes) product. The range of flour confectionery products include traditional pastries, biscuits with fillings, marshmallow cookies, oatmeal cookies and classical additives, cupcakes and muffins, as well as croissants and cakes.

The technology developers are constantly working towards new products, improvement of existing formulations and the development of new kinds of original packaging and packing.

The range of creamy confections includes biscuit, cream, chocolate, honey, air, combined, milky sufleynye, puff cakes and pastries and rolls.

1949 YEAR

Construction bakery. Release of the first product - the bread of three varieties.

1997 YEAR

Starting the plant on a commercial basis. Restoration of buildings, purchase of modern equipment.

2001 YEAR

Starting pastry shop, modernization of equipment, the establishment of modern logistics division.

2004 YEAR

Construction of an additional milling complex with granary - processing capacity of 75 tons of grain per day.

2005 YEAR

Construction of the new drying plant and tortovogo shop, purchase of new equipment for the production of semi-finished oatmeal cookies and spritz cookies, modernization of boiler complex.

2006 YEAR

The construction of modern production facilities. Ramping up production.

2007 YEAR

The acquisition and launch of new Italian equipment (line «Canol») for the production of puff pastry: puff pastry, cookies, croissants, frozen pastries.

2008 YEAR

The launch of two industrial buildings (bread and pastry), a modern system of dispensing and storage of flour. Modernization of packaging machinery and equipment for manufacturing small sized and puff pastry.

2013 YEAR

Drilling own artesian well. Installation of equipment for cutting biscuits, gluing cardboard boxes. Increasing the capacity of shock freezing chamber up to 15 tons / day.

Tireless confectioners continue to create new desserts are masterpieces, but some cakes are favorites of the public for several centuries and became a household name.
With the old French "dessert" (from the verb desservir) is translated as "clear the table", and today has always been associated with something sweetly and tasty.
Sweet - a special pleasure for most people. It improves mood, provides energy and gives a smile. But today is very acute issue of a malicious use sweet for our body.
The cake is an integral part of child birth. Modern confectioners, like jewelers and artists rolled into one, creating the sweet art.
It created the most expensive cake in the world: the cost of the cake, which is composed of 4000 real diamonds, valued at 48.5 million pounds. Among the gems is the pink diamond of 5.2 carats yellow diamond of 6.4 carats.
What are your memories of children's parties, anniversaries, family celebrations or birthdays? Most likely, each of you is safe to say that any of these events attended by at least one cake. By itself, the cake is a symbol of the holiday.