History and interesting facts about the cakes


With the old French "dessert" (from the verb desservir) is translated as "clear the table", and today has always been associated with something sweetly and tasty. After so called French first everything was served after the main course. Cheese, fruits, nuts, berries, juices - these were the first unpretentious desserts. For the first time this term began to be used in the XVI century, however, it has received widespread in the XIX century, when a custom dessert to finish the meal became widespread.

The fact is that until the XIX century, sugar was rare and expensive, and it is natural that the dishes, to which it was a member, were the prerogative of the rich. In Russia, cane sugar appeared in the part of other overseas products in the XIII century. The main confection of ancient Russia was honey cake. At the time, the carrot is so entered into the life that has become not only a delicacy but also a mandatory participant rites and rituals. Gingerbread gave for different festive occasions as a sign of respect and love. The degree of respect and love, often identified with the size of the stick. Other gingerbread gifts were so large that they need to deliver two sleds. If towered other gifts, they put on a carrot. Hence arose the expression "to put on the cake," which means "to make gifts. At the wedding to bake a special cake that is cut into pieces and distributed to guests at the end of the wedding feast. This meant that the hotel is time to go home, why such a cake called" booster ".

Today, one of the main cake desserts considered. Cake festival head! So, to paraphrase the well-known expression, can be summarized as a modern attitude to the cake. After all, if you think about it, really, is a celebration or anniversary complete without this culinary masterpiece? The child may submit his birthday without blowing out the candles on the cake? But still do not have accurate information when and where the story began manufacturing cakes. Some culinary historians believe that the first cakes, of course, not in the modern sense, appeared in Italy.

Scientists, linguists believe that the word cake in translation from Italian means something fancy and sophisticated. This association led to the word of the great variety of edible cake decorations: flowers, pictures, ornaments, figurines. There is another view, believe that the history of cakes evolved a different scenario. Everyone knows about the legendary oriental sweets, which are capable of even the most sophisticated gourmet enthrall with its unique and unusual taste.

Who would not say that the history of the cake, but a leader in the fashion cake is undoubtedly France. It was in France, in small cafes and restaurants, were born the first works of culinary art is uniquely occupied an important position in the hearts and gastronomic preferences of the French and later the foreigners, so cakes deserved prestige worldwide. French chefs and bakers for centuries demonstrated innovative ideas and trends in the supply and design all kinds of cakes. Do not be surprised that it was born in France, famous names of cakes and other delicacies from the mention of that mouth-watering - a meringue and jelly, candy and biscuit, and many other equally appetizing words.

Although the birthplace of modern cake can be considered as France, each country has its own traditions and its own recipes for pies.

No less interesting is the story of cakes in our country. In Ukraine, the very notion of the cake was not. Since ancient times the territory of Ukraine festive baked loaves. Of course, a full cake it can not be considered, but a loaf was a most solemn and elegant fancy pastries. Wedding loaf baked only in the form of a circle. Ancestors invested in this ceremony its particular importance. The circle has always been a symbol of the sun, respectively, meant good health, happiness, light and fertility.

However, regardless of who is it that invented the cake, each country developed its own traditions and recipes bake this dish. Cakes are prepared on special occasions, at the same time, each of them different form and content. Many curiosities and interesting facts related to the cake. Some of them have even been documented and recorded in the Guinness book.

The most expensive cake in the world was shown at an exhibition in Tokyo "Diamonds: the miracle of nature." The fact that the cake really was strewn with 233 diamonds. Its price was 1.56 million. Cake Maker admitted that it has been spent on the development of six months, and to prepare - about a month.

The most expensive wedding cake in the value of $ 20000000 was created confectioners from Beverly Hills. Of course, the same was not without diamonds, which was littered with the entire surface. For the cake accompanied a detachment guards who watched over the preservation of values.

The oldest cake - "Fruit Cake" baked more than 100 years ago, found in the attic of his home South African farmers. Nakhodka even plan to have brought in the "Guinness Book of Records" as the oldest cake in the world. During this time the cake is absolutely petrified and covered with dust, but completely preserved form. Experts have established that the good preservation of dough provided a high content of cognac. As it turned out, confection was cooked to a golden wedding, the cake is well preserved inscription "April 6, 1852-1902." At the same time, it is unlikely to find out why a cake and left it forgotten in the attic.

The highest cake is considered to be 100-tiered cake height of almost 31 meters, cooked Beta Cornell Shiavassi County, Michigan is the highest cake in the world.

The Indian bakers baked Christmas cake with 33 layers, weighing 550 kg. and a height of almost 10 meters.

The biggest cake is today considered the 59 ton giant, made in honor of the 100th anniversary of Las Vegas. Cake prepared 600 chefs. Dimensions sweet masterpiece were 31 m long, 15 m wide and 50 cm high. The second place in this nomination was a cake made earlier in the town of Fot Payne birthday Alabama, and is made in the form of its official boundaries. Weight of the cake exceeds 58 tonnes.

In Peru, it was made the world's longest cake length of 246 meters. In the manufacture of pastry cake 300 spent half a ton of sugar and eggs. The cake was divided into 15,000 parts, and treated all Peruvian children celebrating a birthday in June.

The smallest cake was made by the Swiss. This crumb was on the pad of the index finger.