The most famous cakes of the world


Wonderful sweet delights, consisting of cakes and creams of various compositions have long conquered the whole world. Tireless confectioners continue to create new masterpieces, but some cakes are favorites of the audience for a few centuries, and are not going to dissolve into history. "Kiev", "Napoleon", "Sacher", "Black Forest", "bird's milk", "Prague", "Honey" became a household name. At the mention of them silhouetted clear images of traditional round multilayer goodies.

Try them very nice, but also interesting to see how they get there. The most famous cakes have interesting origin story, it's not for nothing they have become legendary.

Cake «Kiev»

Ever since the Soviet Union, every guest of the Ukrainian capital trying uhvatity treasured box with a circular pattern of chestnut branches. After all, to bring home from a business trip "Kiev cake" was considered good form and great luck. Its author was a young student of confectioner factory Karl Marx Hope Montenegro. According to legend, she and her mentor did not clean the refrigerator a huge amount of protein produced in the evening cream. On the morning of the proteins in the cream is already not good, and it was decided to bake some cakes, meringues. But in fact the recipe was developed more than a month. A few years later I received a formulation patent and a certificate, and "fathers" of the cake - fame and recognition.

Cake "Napoleon»

The "Napoleon", even as many as two versions of the birth. One - romantic, the second - historical. The first says the following. The wife of Emperor Napoleon I, Josephine found for savory pastime: it is something gently whispering in the ear of the court lady. To ask the question of his wife, the French emperor replied that reported the new recipe of the cake, called random ingredients. Josephine, of course, did not believe it and wanting to expose the lie called the court cook. The one on the proposed recipe baked cake that was surprisingly delicious. A new pastry creation was called inventive emperor. The second version - is more plausible. On the day of the 100th anniversary of Russian World War II in 1912, the royal chefs produced a wonderful layer cake in the shape of a triangle. He came to taste the different layers of the population. Since then, the cake "Napoleon" won the hearts of women and men around the world, and today enjoys unprecedented popularity.

Cake "Sacher»

The story of the Viennese cake "Sacher" - not a legend or fiction, but it is a true story, confirmed by eyewitnesses and historical documents. Confectioners-inventor of rich chocolate dessert is Franz Sacher, who in 1832, as a 16-year-old young man, unwittingly, became the "father" of the world-famous cake today. In that year, Franz studied pastry chefs skills from the foreign minister. One day the chef was ill and could not cater for the high political rout. Replace it offered the young Franz. Not to go unnoticed, the young pastry chef invented and implemented the new chocolate dessert - "Sacher» (Sachertorte). Where did he get the recipe is unknown: invented, used other product as a basis? After 4 years there is a treat even on the menu of the imperial family.

Start the recipe has been slightly modified Franz's son, Edward. It is this recipe came to us unaltered. According to the recipe, even sued confectionery "Damel", where he studied the craft of Edward, he bought the recipe, but the hotel "Sacher" in his restaurant, bake a cake, and sold under the same name. Only in 1963, the dispute was resolved peacefully.

Cake "Honey»

The use of honey in sweet baking cake "Medovgo" started more than one thousand years ago. Even in the times of the ancient civilizations of Rome, Egypt, Greece was taken oven flat unleavened bread, to which was added liquid honey. He mixed with the flour, the dough obtained in a few weeks gradually "rising" and bake in the fire. Later in the cake began to add different toppings - dried and fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables. For the first time honey has been manufactured by the monks of Germany in the 12th century. In Europe, it came in slightly modified form - confectioners began to prepare small square cakes based on monastic recipe. In France, for example, almost every bakery has altered the recipe by adding some flavor: chocolate, nuts, dried apricots. And each pastry base thought only his recipe for the best.

There is even a story that took place in the royal family with this delicious cake.

Elizabeth A., being already the wife of Alexander I, honey is not accepted. No one dish to the king's table are not ready to use. The Empress has caught even a drop of honey in a dish and the chef could not be punished for this disobedience. When the kitchen have a new pastry chef, she suffered embarrassment: the dislike of the Empress to honey knew and decided to bake a sweet cake, which was not yet on the menu. "Honey" really was very tender, just melts in your mouth. Elizabeth ate it with great pleasure.

It was only when the Empress asked dessert recipe, the cook had to admit that the structure includes honey. But Elizabeth only laughed and told me to encourage a new chef. Since then, the story was passed from mouth to mouth, and the cake "Honey" took pride of place on the table of ordinary citizens.

Black Forest cherry cake

As is clear from the name, the origin of this cake is associated with a region of Germany under the name of the Black Forest, which means "black forest". Hence, the second name of the cake. Dense forests not only make the picturesque landscape of the region, but also give it a fabulous mystique. It seems that now out of the woods will dwarf from the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Here are preserved taveriny, which for several years. And if you ask the patrons, they tell you that in the XIX century in the Black Forest grandiose celebrations with wine and dancing. On these holidays German girls wore white foam lace blouses, long black skirt and head adorned their hats with red balls.

Perhaps one of these holidays memorable German guy Joseph Keller. When Joseph grew up and became a pastry chef, he created a chocolate cake decorated with whipped cream and cherries, elegant reminiscent of German beauties. And in 1927, Keller published his recipe and the cake became popular. First in Germany and then throughout the world.

Cake "Bird's milk»

it has a complicated history of "Bird's milk". Invented this dessert Poles. For the first time «Ptasie mleczko» produced in 1930. At the same time, this wonderful cake souffle it has become a brand in the USSR. Desert started producing factory "Rot Front" in 1968 as an experiment. But the technology has been difficult, so the party was very small. Even while the blended formulation documentation for this dessert in the Ministry of Food Industry of the USSR did not argue.

Despite the fact that the "Rot Front" in the sixties releasing these delicacies in small quantities, the formal establishment of the correct "Bird's milk" (with keksovuyu cake and a souffle with added seaweed agar-agar) is credited with the famous confectioner , work in the restaurant "Prague" - Vladimir Gural'nik in the early 80s.

Cake "Prague»

The restaurant "Prague", one of the most famous and presentable in the Soviet Union, was the standard eating places. Only here fed exotic dishes mastered innovative recipes, customers were offered overseas delicacies. Vladimir Gural'nik talented pastry places, after a trip to Czechoslovakia arrived full of impressions. Exchange of experience was not in vain: he liked a recipe for chocolate cake, something similar to the famous Viennese "Sacher».

In the image it was decided to make a cake that could be produced in large quantities. But for the preparation of the Czech cake, would have to spend a lot of time during the period of intensification of mass production are not allowed to run in the production of dessert. In the original recipe used 4 types of oil cream, impregnation liquor or rum cake making expensive and time consuming to prepare.

Therefore, pastry restaurant has reduced the number of ingredients, a little simplified the procedure and received as a result of a well-known and now chocolate cake "Prague". It was through the efforts of this remarkable man cake could taste all the inhabitants of a great country. True, at first it was a rare guest on the shelves. He even sold cut into pieces. Each piece is wrapped in transparent paper and released by weight. Later witted mistress unraveled recipe popular "Prague" and began to bake it in your kitchen.

For more than 40 years of Cake "Prague" is produced in large quantities almost any candy factory. Basic recipe pastry Gural'nik remained virtually unchanged to this day: sponge cake, butter cream, chocolate glaze, apricot jam and fragrant impregnation. Uses "Prague" in demand for ordinary housewives, so the cake is the highlight of many celebratory feasts.